What is the T-Shirt Museum?

The T-Shirt Museum is a group of designers and artists who realize that some of the best design and artwork being produced is put on cotton, and that it should be preserved and cataloged - just like all art.

How do I contribute a shirt or a scan of a shirt?

We have a form online for just that occasion.

You will be asked for:

Your email address (kept confidential and NEVER GIVEN OUT)
Name of the shirt, who designed it (if you know)
The designer's address and URL
Your comments.

We generally do not accept T-Shirt artwork unless there are special circumstances.

We also will accept photos, slides, printed material and shirts. They will not be returned without a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Send to: AGS, PO Box 770274, Cleveland, Ohio 44107 USA.

Are all the shirts for sale?

Currently, only about 10% can be bought. However, we do try to link to the store or site that sells the shirt if it is still available. We also carry information on the artist, company, and store where it was sold.

Can anyone contribute?

Yes! We encourage all to share their favorite shirts with others.

Our only rule is the submission has to be a T-shirt or Sweatshirt. If the same design has previously been sent, the first sent will be displayed.